Sandra R., California

I attended your two-day workshop in Oceanside, CA. I want to thank you for your time and expertise. I attended the first day truly not sure if I would attend the second day, as I have been in the process of retiring. However, your first day compelled me to attend the second day. I had been consulting with the goal of training staff and fading into retirement. My background is speech pathology, and I was trained to the supervisor level in ABA.  I have worked with many children and most have made good progress. However, currently there is one little girl that had has not made the progress we had hoped for and in fact has become more self injurious. Your workshop made me realize that I had to change some of my thoughts about how to work with this little girl and let go of my hope for retirement for a while.

We ordered you DVD’s and we are using them as part of our staff training with good results. After almost three weeks of working with this little girl and her staff we have seen a drastic reduction in SIB, more eye contact, and a few incidents of spontaneous communication for hug and push and moments where we she has shown us that we are now being seen as having some social value. This approach is also being very successful with a very high functioning child and I can see the classroom teacher and the staff making small shifts with all of their students. I am very grateful that I attended your workshop. God bless you for all you are doing to help children and adults navigate this life we are in.

Sandra R, California