Britney Edwards, Honolulu, HI

“When I first met Mr. Caffrey, my daughter was in her last year at Preschool. I was very worried, as she was still not talking. I was so concerned that she could not express herself, and would cry and tantrum when she couldn’t make her needs known.

Mr. Caffrey did a home visit and showed us how to do mand training with our daughter. The school staff were also getting trained by Mr. Caffrey. Within a few weeks, Kira was able to sign for her favorite items. On his second visit, with Jennifer Fisahn, Kira started to talk! She was asking for tickles, swing, grapes, and other items. We were so amazed at how many times she was able to make requests in such a short time.

We now see a huge difference in her behaviors and her communication skills. She has now become very good at making requests. Her school team is working so well with Kira, and we are so happy with her progress.”

Britney Edwards
Honolulu, HI