Alan Doyle, Kilcloon, Ireland

To whom it concerns, 

I am writing to you on behalf of Stepping Stones School for children with Autism, I am delighted to share our experience of Thomas Caffrey’s work and his positive impact within the school.

As a small school founded by parents in 2002 we first came into contact with Tom in 2004, when a member of staff saw him present a workshop in Massachusetts and suggested we invite Tom to present in Ireland. From the very first workshop both Parents and Staff could identify with the issues presented in his video analyses, which illustrated some of the challenges pupils faced in different learning environments. This was followed by video demonstrations of effective teaching strategies with an emphasis on developing functional communication skills, suitable for learners of all levels. We developed a great working relationship with Tom and his team throughout the following years, with Tom demonstrating and transferring his expertise to our staff, we saw the pupils make tremendous progress across all subjects and target skills. Equally Tom’s attention to detail and application of the Science coupled with his passion motivated and inspired Staff and Parents to persevere and overcome new challenges.

However it wasn’t just the academic performance and the acquisition of skills that made the biggest impact, the most profound benefit was the positive and reinforcing environment throughout the school! Our kids loved being in Stepping Stones and learning was fun!!

I strongly recommend all Teachers, Parents and anyone who is touched by Autism, to explore Tom’s video module series and let years of experience working in the field benefit you today.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Tom on behalf of everyone at Stepping Stones for the massive contribution he’s made to the School and wish him the very best and continued success sharing his work throughout the world.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Doyle


Stepping Stones School, Kilcloon, Ireland