Sandra van der Westhuizen, Special Education Teacher, Trim, Ireland

“When I first attended Tom’s training, I had a 6-year-old non-vocal boy in my class.  I can vividly remember going into my principal’s office each day asking him to remove the child from the school.  At that point, I had been beaten and battered by a very confused young boy.  Unfortunately, I did not know how to even start to teach him or help him.  I came back after Tom’s workshop inspired.  I no longer ran into the office at the end of each day but put into practise all the things that he taught me… and the list is endless!

The child is now in 5th class and has been fully mainstreamed as well as vocal since being included in second class!  This is because of Tom. I can never thank him enough and can honestly say that his training changed my life as a teacher and in doing so changed the lives of all the children that I have taught and am teaching now.

I would highly recommend his training DVDs to anyone who is working with children with special educational needs.”