Lin Qunhao, Tianjin, China

Mr. Caffrey is a very compassionate person. He has great passion for helping children with autism and their families. I worked with him to provide a training for 120+ parents & teachers from the local special schools in Shenzhen, China. Mr. Caffrey has great ability to illustrate through use of video  and personally demonstrate basic ABA teaching procedures in a way that is easy to understand and transcends language barriers.
Following the workshop Mr. Thomas conducted a site survey to a Special School, which is run by Mrs. Chen Hui, a mother of a child with autism. Mr. Thomas provided valuable recommendations for the facilities and curriculum. Today the number of children in Mrs. Chen’s school has increased to 70+. I visit the school from time to time and I can see the significant impact Mr. Thomas training has had on teachers, parents, and most importantly the children.


Lin Qunhao 林群浩
Asset & Operating Integrity Superintendent 资产和运营完整性总监
Tianjin, China
In 2007, Mr. Thomas conducted a workshop in Shenzhen, China that widened teachers and parents view for teaching children with autism. We learned new training methods (of ABA) from Mr. Thomas training. Following the training, he visited the Shining Star School and advised us to make modifications to the classrooms and also offered specific recommendations to improve the curriculum. We followed Tom’s advice to the best of our ability and it has been proven to be very effective. It provided us direction to offset our weakness that was very beneficial for our children and their families.

Chen Hui 陈荟
Director, Shining Star School 星光培训中心主任
Shenzhen, China