Ryan Burke, Director of Sec. Education at Alpine School District, Salt Lake City, UT

Tom Caffrey’s videos are fantastic! I love so many aspects about them and what a great way to have access to this material for frequent review. He is a master at taking very complicated concepts and applying very practical means to help achieve success. I love how his core focus is always on expanding opportunities for the individual and connecting and improving social opportunities and success.

Tom’s video examples help bring to life the reality of the situation the individuals and caregivers are faced with, It helps the viewer see the struggles and the gains that are so amazing.  The videos also help the viewer to gain a sense of hope that is so easily dashed when confronted with such difficult situations. Tom has so many success stories that it is easy to start believing that the specific challenging situation we may have can actually turn around into a positive and productive experience that changes the life of the individual, family and those who are professionally involved.

You know, teaching or helping professionals enter this field because we want to help others benefit from education and have experiences that are fulfilling and rewarding- we love to see growth and achievement. However, it can become very discouraging when faced with a challenge for which we can find no solution. But, with these videos, which give us an opportunity to have Tom Caffrey in our back pocket, so to speak, we have a sense that we can be successful and will be able to see the growth in others that benefits the student, family and ultimately society.

Nice work Tom!

Ryan Burke, Director of Secondary Education at Alpine School District, Salt Lake City, UT