Shannon McGrail, Fairfax, VA

“Tom Caffrey changed our families life! Without his Managing Problem Behaviors class which I have personally take 4 times (and it’s a 2 day class) my son with autism (or my 2 typically developing kids) would not have such tremendous flexibility, compliance or strong worth ethic! His premise of being “The Chocolate Chip Cookie” really changed the way I think about getting my family to want to work without nagging.

If I were new to the autism world I would invest in going to Tom’s classes and watching his new videos because I truly believe that following through on ABA with his strong take home message took my son so much farther than anyone thought possible! I even wrote a blog about him 2 years ago under Caffery and PVBIA Momma because I just can’t shout it loud enough that if you hear his message, follow through on the work you will see a change! All of our kids are different so change is specific to your learner but his take home message without all the post master degree lingo that parents don’t need makes it’s easy to understand what you have to do and leaves the rest up to you!

Tom we are in your debt and grateful to have been introduced to you life changing work for our son, our family, our school district and all those who come in contact with Dillon and say, “Really, he has autism but he….(fill in the blank with adapts, is so flexible, eager to please, compliant….).”