Dana Garner, PhD, BCBA-D, Williamsport, PA

“Attending a workshop years ago, I was amazed by the presenter. The presenter was well spoken, intelligent, knew his material inside and out, and was down to earth. He didn’t speak over or below the audience, but to them as if he was chatting with friends. I was so impressed that I took notes on presenting and recommended Thomas Caffrey, BCBA to every parent and professional that I came across, and still do to this day.

Mr. Caffrey’s approach comes from a place of truly wanting to help others which laces content information with compassion for the parent/professional. It is as if he can actually see through the eyes of a child with ASD when developing functional skill programs or behavior management programs. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give Mr. Caffrey 10+ in the areas of consulting, speaking, behavior analysis, and special education knowledge. He has a wealth of experience and insight that is worth tapping into.

Recently, I reviewed a DVD series by Mr. Caffrey, and highly recommend that too! Again, I almost forgot it was a recording as when he speaks to an audience, you feel as if he is just having a talk with you over coffee. Relaxed, easy to understand, and focused.

There are so many good things to say about him as a person and professional, that I couldn’t list them all here. My recommendation… if you get a chance to work with Mr. Caffrey or go to one of his presentations, you won’t regret it!”

Dana Garner, PhD, BCBA-D, Assistant Professor, Penn State University