Rupali Chaudhry, New Delhi, India

Mr. Tom Caffrey has in-depth knowledge of Special Education. He is an erudite scholar with great expertise. He is an experienced and skilled practitioner and staff trainer. He has a keen passion for helping children with special needs. He has travelled widely to spread awareness about various issues that concern autistic children. Through his video demonstrations of “real world” applications he has established as to how with tact and sensitivity special needs of children can be addressed with empathy and successfully managed to make life easy for them, their families and the community. It was really wonderful to listen to him as he extrapolated his findings and elaborated each aspect with élan that he has acquired through his own learning, perseverance & rich experience. He has a genuine love and concern for children and respect and admiration for the teaching community. His mastery as a behaviour analyst, his notable accomplishments and his ability to make complex material understandable and useful, make him stand out as a distinguished consultant of great repute.