Please Share This Very Catchy Uplifting (Anti-Bullying) Song

A very catchy song, “Thanks (LOL)”, about rising above the negativity in life. October is Anti-Bullying Awareness month.  Bullying takes its toll on young people, often leading to severe consequences. Please share this uplifting song with those who are in a position to give kids a boost!

Thanks for keeping passion alive in special education!
Pay it forward, show your appreciation for others who help our kids!
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3 comments on “Please Share This Very Catchy Uplifting (Anti-Bullying) Song

  1. Sheri Friedman

    This song and singer are WONDERFUL. I am passing this along to a friend of mine who is leading an anti-bullying campaign in Australia. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thomas Caffrey Post author

    Hi Sheri, I am glad you like the song and I hope you are right! I know the singer is wonderful because she is my daughter! Thanks, Tom

  3. Sharon Fialco

    Hi Tom – Sheri posted this on the LD lnkedin group page. I mistakenly thought it was her song! i complimented her. Anyway – I love the song – it is so catchy and performed so well. I hope a lot of kids download it and use it as a response to bullies on line. The best defense of bullying is to be able to laugh in the face of a perpetrator. I also shared a song on the LD linkedin page a family’s song of victory over adversity from the Starabella musical series. If you wold like to hear it, please look up You Tube Starabella. It is called “TA-DA!”. I hope your song becomes a standard response to bullies!

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