Teaching Children with Autism to Follow Multi-Step Directions

It can be difficult for children with autism to follow multi-step directions. As teachers, we often find ourselves prompting our students through each step, or correcting an out-of-sequence response. Encouraging children to “rehearse” directions will make it more likely that they will follow directions in the correct order and without assistance.

Please watch Maureen as she uses a strategy to help Gabby follow multi-step directions. This procedure can help children to follow routine directions as well as boost socialization and independence!  When your students are ready to follow multi-step directions, have them repeat the key words a few times before giving them the full direction!

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3 comments on “Teaching Children with Autism to Follow Multi-Step Directions

  1. Brenda Snow

    This site is a treasure chest of trainings and strategies. I can’t wait to dig deeper into it. The multistep directions video is great and very valuable!

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