Active Play: Limited Mobility DOES NOT MEAN INABILITY!

It can be challenging to provide active play opportunities for students with limited mobility…..but it’s not impossible!  Let’s get creative and think outside of the box!  Watch this video clip of little Clover engaged in active play with Jennifer.  Clover is having a blast while learning how to request items and actions that she wants!  Teachers can make a HUGE difference in the lives of children like Clover!  Remember…..LIMITED MOBILITY DOES NOT MEAN INABILITY!

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One comment on “Active Play: Limited Mobility DOES NOT MEAN INABILITY!

  1. Michele Dunleavy

    Fantastic video and truly simplistic means to an end. As a health and physical education teacher I am a firm believer in being creative. Identifying the physical needs of children on the ASD spectrum and others with disabilities is step 1 and step 2 is creating And innovating activities to address those physical needs and step 3 is individualizing for each individual and figuring how to ” make it work” because if it doesn’t- you go back to step 2 or even step 1 if you identified incorrectly from the start.

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