Bring a Book to Life! Go Dog. Go!

Do your students like dogs and cars? Here’s a great way to bring a book to life with follow-up activities that you can use in your classroom! Read the book Go Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman. It provides many opportunities for your students to request (“turn”page), label pictures and actions, identify pictures and actions, follow directions, imitate (mimetically and vocally), fill in phrases (Go, Dog ___!, Do you like my ___?, etc.), and answer questions. After reading, students will be “racing” to make their very own cardboard cars!

You will need: 1 cardboard box for each student, paint, paintbrushes, glue sticks, 2 yellow circles (headlights), 4 black circles (wheels), pre-made personalized “license plates”

Simply cut the top and bottom flaps from each cardboard box and have students paint their “cars.” Next, add pre-cut wheels, headlights, and a personalized license plate. Be sure that students are given the opportunity to request all of the above….including “paint”, “paintbrush”, “glue”, etc. Now your class is ready for their very own race to the big dog party in the tree!

Look through our pictures to see examples of the activity mentioned above as well as others that can be used as follow-up activities for this book!

1Go Dog, Go!

2Making Cars

3Taking off

4Big smile


6Parking Garage

7Do You Like My Hat

8On the Tree

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