Motivation is THE Most Important Variable When Teaching Children to Request

Motivation is THE most important variable to consider when teaching children (with autism) to request. Teachers can CAPTURE motivation by knowing a student’s strong reinforcers, CONTRIVE motivation by making things more fun with their interaction, and MANIPULATE motivation by presenting additional items at just the right time. Please watch Lauren demonstrate all three of these practices with Yolena. Lauren knows what Yolena loves and presents bigger and better reinforcers at just the right time to keep her motivation high during the activity. Manipulating motivation allows Lauren to provide many more opportunities for Yolena to practice the important skill of requesting.

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One comment on “Motivation is THE Most Important Variable When Teaching Children to Request

  1. Shira Fisher

    Thanks for posting that great video. I am actually a public school teacher working with children who look and behave very similarly to the girl in the video. I just finished my BCBA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology and I am looking for a new experience in the field of ABA for next year. Would you have any ideas for me? I live in southern Jersey.

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