Tricia Cuce, President/Founder of Milagre Kids School, Linwood, PA

Tom is a dynamic and engaging speaker. He greatly influenced my path through the world of Autism both as an educator and parent. He has a unique ability to take complex and technical behavioral principles and make them understandable to all audiences. His use of real life examples that both teachers and parents face each and every day illustrate the behavioral principles in an understandable way. Tom works with passion that is seldom demonstrated from other educators. He knows that all the behavioral expertise in the world does not help the actual person with Autism until it is in the hands of the people that actually contact the person with Autism. He has been a pioneer in building the bridge between the science and the intervention. His work is one of my most valuable tools to empower families and staff and bring about the most success for our students.

Tricia Cuce, Parent, Teacher and President / Founder of Milagre Kids School and POAC of PA