Making the Most Out of Meal Times!

Meal times (breakfast, lunch, snack) are often preferred activities for our students. Let’s capitalize on that fact to encourage the important and necessary skill of requesting! Resist the temptation to pass out packaged meals for students to open themselves. Take some time beforehand to sort food items and utensils into separate buckets/containers for easy distribution: plates, napkins, straws, juice/milk, food items, etc. Preparing in advance will limit the amount of time that students have to wait for these items as well as the possibility of problem behavior. Instead of spending time opening, sorting, organizing and simply handing out items to students, staff members can now use that time to provide many opportunities to request the items! Encourage requesting for the items listed above as well as actions that may be associated with them!

1 Lunch package

2Lunch buckets

3 Food Bucket

4 Utensil Bucket

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2 comments on “Making the Most Out of Meal Times!

  1. jumbo joseph fernandez

    ‘pay it forward’ is a fantastic phrase- something like prescient. We need to be so when it comes to flexibility and openness to opportunities.

  2. Laurie Gerber

    I love this idea. I used this at home also. When we would go out to eat, I would practice at home with my son so he could place his own order because he would need lots of practice doing this before he became an adult. This helps with so many things: Socialization, courtesy (please and thank you) language (speaking clearly so others can understand you), choices (how many choices there are and how to get exactly what you want and if you do not, how to ask for it again and knowing you can advocate for what you want and need). sensory issues (food textures because of different ways things are cooked and environments) and educating the public (helping the wait staff and other diners if necessary). You help these kids learn in a safe environment. Hopefully us parents can take that and expand their world by using it in other environments. Keep up the good work. Our kids are so worth it.

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