Keeping Staff Informed: Request (Mand) Levels

Here’s a great idea for public school autism program teachers. It’s extremely important that ALL staff members are aware of individual mand levels. Create an organizer like the one pictured here. Write each student’s initial(s) on a ‘sticky note’ and place next to correct mand level. As student progresses, ‘sticky note’ can be moved!

Mand Levels

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One comment on “Keeping Staff Informed: Request (Mand) Levels

  1. Jo-Anne Redmond

    I think it’s a great idea inside a SCC room. It would be quick and easy to find information as you transition from student to student. It would be protected by using initials only and seen only by Therapists in the classroom. If you’re working with clients in privately owned company it would serve best inside the client’s binder or file folder with the current programs. I like it!

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