Rainbow Shamrocks!

Do your students enjoy art?  Use this simple but “LUCKY” art project to provide opportunities to practice language!  Students can cut out shamrock shapes and glue them together in rainbow order from biggest to smallest.  Consider pre-cutting shamrocks to meet the needs of individual students.  This rainbow project can be adapted to other themes as well – flowers, eggs, butterflies, hearts, triangles, circles, cars, trains, etc.  Follow student interests to create your own!

  • Request for items, actions –

“tracer”, “pencil/crayon”, “scissors”, “glue”, “open” (containers that house materials)

Staff members should maintain control of all items to increase opportunities to request.

  • Label items, actions, adjectives –

“What is this?” (shamrock, pencil/crayon, scissors, glue)

“What are you doing?” (“tracing”, “cutting”, “gluing”)

“What is the size of this shamrock?” (when compared to another),

“What is the color of this shamrock?”

  • Identifies items, adjectives –

“Find”, “Point to”, “Show me”, “Hand me”, “Pass me”, etc. (tracer, pencil/crayon, scissors, glue, shamrock, etc.)

“Show me the shamrock that is a small size.” (when compared to another), “Touch the shamrock that is the color yellow.”

  • Motor Imitation –

“Copy me”, “Show me the same”, “Do what I am doing” (tracing, cutting, gluing, patting with hand, etc.)

  • Vocal Imitation –

“Say…”, “Copy me”, “Say the same” (shamrock, scissors, glue, etc.

  • Answer questions –

“What are some things that can be green?”

“Where can you find shamrocks?”

“Tell me some other things that grow.”

One of the biggest challenges in the public school setting is to meet the needs of a heterogeneous group.  Suggested targets within this teaching tip are for illustration purposes only.  ALL suggestions may not be appropriate for all students. Opportunities given to practice functional language should be developmentally appropriate and based upon individual student needs.Shamrock

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