Morning Preparation Poster: Utilize Staff Effectively and Start The Day off Right!

Paraprofessionals are critical members of a public school autism program team.  They are often indistinguishable from the team leader (teacher) when working with students and can offer necessary opportunities for students to generalize skills to other materials, settings, and people.  Working collaboratively with paraprofessionals and providing clear expectations regarding their duties and responsibilities can make the classroom a great place to be for everyone!  When class time is spent providing crucial intervention to students and not on giving staff members instructions/directions about how to prepare or what to do next, students greatly benefit! Speaking of preparation….. Preparing for the day can be a bit harried in the morning…especially with limited time available.  Delegating some of the morning preparation responsibilities to other staff members can help to start the day off right!  Preparing in advance can include making sure that:

  • Materials are ready to go
  • Furniture is set up
  • Staff is aware of where they will physically be for activity
  • Staff has quick access to items that will be needed (i.e., reinforcement, materials, etc.)

Consider creating bulleted posters that outline the preparation that needs to be done.  These responsibilities can be divided among the staff….including the teacher!  Additional “Morning Preparation” posters can be created for different staff members.  Posters can include classroom-specific and/or student-specific items.  Check out our sample and let us know how you can use this idea in your classroom! Morning Prep Poster   Morning Prep Picture

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One comment on “Morning Preparation Poster: Utilize Staff Effectively and Start The Day off Right!

  1. Ann-Marie Stone

    Tom, this is a great article. When I walked into a an Exlellent classroom; I liked to say that it worked like a well-oiled machine and that I couldn’t tell the Paraprofessionals from the Teacher. That shared professionalism is crucial to a creative, child-centered classroom.

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