Active Play to Increase Language Opportunities for Students with Autism

Many students with autism are provided with access to favorite activities upon completion of “work”. These activities often include jumping on a trampoline, swinging in a swing, dancing, running, engaging with an exercise ball, etc. Unfortunately, when our students are given free access to these activities, they may be missing out on many opportunities to practice functional communication. Capturing communication opportunities during active play (when motivation is strong) can turn this “free time” into fun language-training time! As teachers, we can make these activities even MORE enjoyable with our interaction.

Watch this video to see how some highly-preferred active play opportunities can be used to increase language opportunities for students with autism.

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One comment on “Active Play to Increase Language Opportunities for Students with Autism

  1. Linda Jones

    What a great video, Tom! A friend of mine just began her teaching career with special education students this year. I will pass along your website info to her.

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