If Walls Could Talk…

In public school autism classrooms, there are a few things that we may be short on. Time is definitely one of them! Teachers have to be creative when it comes to communicating necessary information to staff members. Our suggestion……….


Posting information in an easy-to-read format can provide staff members with important (and quick!) reminders throughout the day. Below is a suggested list of what you can post on your classroom walls. Feel free to click on the links for resources and/or additional information. If you have anything to add, please let us know!


  • Reinforcer lists for each learner


  • Mand levels for all learners


  • Signed topographies (what the sign looks like) for ALL signers


  • Daily classroom schedule


  • Individual instruction schedule


  • Preparation instructions (for staff)


  • Transition instructions (for staff)


  • Group lesson plans (i.e., morning circle, snack/lunch, art projects, story time, etc.)

Please note: Information posted should follow all federal and state administrative codes regarding confidentiality. Posting information regarding teaching procedures, techniques, behavior protocols, etc. will require that all intended viewers are provided with proper training and supervision to carry out posted procedures, techniques, and protocols.


If Wall Could Talk

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