Cosa amano i vostri studenti?

E’ estremamente importante che tutti i membri dello staff conoscano i rinforzi di ogni singolo studente. Ecco un modo efficace per assicurarsi che sia così! (Affiggete la lista di rinforzi per ciascuno studente (come mostrato nella foto). Ricordate: i rinforzi possono cambiare e cambiano!! Non dimenticate di lasciare spazio in modo che i vari membri dello staff possano aggiungere elementi alla lista in questione.

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4 comments on “Cosa amano i vostri studenti?

  1. Marianne Bryant

    Great idea!! I will pass this along. So many times only one or two people know those individualized reinforcers and others meeting up with the child try traditional reinforcers with no success and the student ends up in a meltdown. If they travel to other parts of the school a list could be put in a folder that travels with them. Depending on the child’s levels and communication skills I would also make sure the clinic and other areas of the school knew what motivators would work to help a child through having their temperature taken or something stressful and different. A star on a board just doesn’t work for an ASD child as a reward unless they are interested in stars if not it’s meaningless yet many people don’t understand that piece of a motivator being personalized to that child as being something of importance that is meaningful to them but doesn’t have to be to others. Thanks for a great idea

  2. Luanne Greer

    What a terrific idea! I will certainly share this idea not only with the staff working with me, but other co-workers as well. I agree, that what may be reinforcing to a student one day, may not work the next time around. So it is certainly a good idea to have knowledge of what else is reinforcing to a student. That way, if one type of motivator no longer works, you’ll have other ideas available and avoid having to deal with a student meltdown.

  3. Kathryn Turner

    Creating a reinforcement chart will work out so well next week when my daughter transfers to a new school with a new teacher, new 1:1 aide and new peers… etc. All the staff who don’t know my daughter yet, will be able to offer reinforcers that she will be familiar with and respond to. And I will feel so much better as well. Thanks Tom!

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