Guardate Aldo che incoraggia Tom a fare più esercizio fisico

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One comment on “Guardate Aldo che incoraggia Tom a fare più esercizio fisico

  1. Michele Dunleavy

    Tom, thanks fo rsharing this informtion via LinkedIn. I am a certified Health and PE teacher with a passion in the are of Stress Maanagement. I am also a wellness/fitness advocate who is looking to be a positive influence/impact player in helping children with Autism/ADHD via exercise and diet. Please forward any information that may be useful for me. The Autistic community is somewhat new to me( i do have a nephew/godson who is 26 yrs old now and has PDDA), yet I’ve always been intrigued by their disabilities and while substitute teaching i notice that I gravitiate towards helping these children continually. I aim to help them and create a game pan to “make it happen” an possibly incorporate my Stress Management material as well for the parents. Thoughts, suggestions???
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me more!

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